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The Rules Read Em And Follow(Or U Will be Banned)

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The Rules Read Em And Follow(Or U Will be Banned)

Post by Lion on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:43 pm

Hi Guest
Read And Follow The Rules!
1.No Innpropriate Launguage harrasment hacking bragging (hey everyone im a mod suckers!) Excample
5.No asking To Be anything (mod,Mountain Watcher,Anything)
6.No spam (short posts like yay unless its a good cause) smily spam(four smilies or more) double posting more than 1 ad or else (ban)
10.same as the thing follow the rules or ban!
11.No Going Off Topic Like If The Topic Say Hi Dont Say (guys im going to a party)
12.Dont Post In Here More Than Once(only Admins)

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