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The Branches Of The Company!

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The Branches Of The Company!

Post by Lion on Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:28 pm

Ceo:(Incharge Of Everything And Everyone.Is The Owner.Can Fire The President And Below.)
President:(Is In Charge Of The Team.Makes Sure Everyone Is Set And Ready.Can Also Fire The Vice President With The Ceos' Permission.)
Vice President:(Is In Charge Of The Three Branches Of Goverment.Makes Sure Everything And Everyone Gives There Ideas To The Ceo.Is Allowed To Fire The Judical Branch And Below With The Presidents Permission.)
Judical Branch:(Is In Charge Of Making Rules And Fixing Them If Need Fixing.Then He/She Sends The Laws To The Ceo Or President.
Executive Branch:(Is Allowed To Fire The Legislative Branch With Judical Branch Permission.Also Writes The Laws With The Legislative Branch.)
Legislative Branch:(Is The Lowest Thing Here.Basically Like A Mayor.He/She Writes The Laws And Passes Them To The Executive Who Passes Them To Higher Ranks.
Boss:(Manages The Staff And Is Able To Fire People Never Here.)
Manager:(Is Allowed To Demod Staff.Is Respected More Than The Staff.)
Staff:(Nothing.Just Codes,Goes On The Game,Gives Ideas,Makes Designs,Etc.)


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